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The PPH 707 EXT-ST high-speed rotary atomizer uses external electrodes to provide an electrostatic charge.

The PPH 707 EXT-ST high-speed rotary atomizer is available from Exel North America. This spray solution is designed for applying water-based paints that are non-flammable or not easily flammable.

The rotary atomizer provides all of the benefits that come from electrostatic charge technology, including high transfer efficiency, consistent application and high-quality finishes. In addition, it uses SAMES Hi-TE technology that provides variable effects during spraying for great control. This technology reduces paint loss, improves productivity, and enables the use of high flow rates.

External charge

The PPH 707 EXT-ST uses ionization to provide an electrostatic charge. This method is called “external charge”. With this design, particles are electrically charged when they pass close to the sprayer’s external electrodes.

Easy operation

This rotary atomizer can be mounted onto existing lines, so it offers an easy solution for applying waterborne materials. The paint feeding system remains ground wired, which means there is no need for modifications to the existing paint circuit. In addition, to switch from an existing solvent installation to waterborne, all that’s needed is to install the PPH 707 EXT-ST. This offers the capability to spray new materials while minimizing costs.

Additional benefits

The PPH 707 EXT-ST offers customers a number of additional benefits. Firstly, it assists in compliance with environmental regulations, as it enables a drastic decrease of volatile organic compounds. It also offers the capability to use an unlimited number of colours and to perform colour changes quickly.

Lastly, with these atomizers, there is no insulation of paint circuits to worry about. This provides increased safety because there is no paint tank under HV tension.

For more information on the many finishing solutions available from Exel North America, visit the company’s website.



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