REDwire Quality filter bags the key to proper dust collection

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Filter bags can have a major impact on how efficient a dust collecting system is.

N.R. Murphy strives to deliver the best available products to its customers. The leading manufacturer of industrial dust collection systems recognizes that controlling quality makes a big difference, and quality filter bags, expertly installed, can help keep its dust collectors running smoothly for years to come. More importantly, they help keep air clean in the workplace.

This is why the Cambridge, Ont.-based manufacturer launched its own Filter Division back in 2001. This department produces fabric filter products that can be used in N.R. Murphy dust collectors, as well as other manufacturers’ equipment. 

Important considerations

Filter bags can have a major impact on how efficient a dust collecting system is. There are several factors to consider when it comes to filter bags.

  • Media: It is imperative that filter bags are manufactured from the media that is most appropriate for the specific dust collection application. N.R. Murphy stocks many types of quality filter media, and its engineering staff is experienced in selecting the proper one.
  • Installation: Filters must be correctly installed to avoid dust leaking into the facility. During service calls, N.R. Murphy technicians will remove the existing filter bags, install a new set of filters and do general service on the dust collector. The company’s technicians have been performing service work and building N.R. Murphy dust collectors for many years and, as a result, are able to work quickly and efficiently, pinpoint problems with the dust collector, and find solutions.
  • Frequency of filter change: There are many variables that will affect how often a filter should be changed. This includes the number of shifts, whether the dust collector is in daily operation, and the type of the material being collected. N.R. Murphy experts can help customers determine the appropriate frequency.

More information

There are several basic styles of filter bag to choose from. The appropriate style depends on the type of collector and the manufacturer. To learn more about filter bags and for help determining the style that best suits your application, contact N.R. Murphy.


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