REDwire Quality accessories complement Filtermist oil mist collector offering

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A wide range of Filtermist accessories are available from AMT Machine Tools.

Filtermist manufactures the world’s leading oil mist collector, with units in operation in more than 60 countries across the globe. The company manufactures a wide selection of its popular oil mist collectors, ensuring there is a unit that meets each of its customer’s unique oil and coolant mist, fume and steam collection needs. To complement its collectors, Filtermist also offers a range of accessories.

Afterfilters: Filtermist high-efficiency afterfilters are media-type filter cartridges that create a physical barrier through which the air passes. Designed to remove oil, smoke and any submicron particles that have passed through the Filtermist oil mist collector unit, afterfilters are retrofitted to the Filtermist unit, and fit easily over the exhaust end of the unit using clips to hold it in place.  

Replaceable and reusable pre-filters: An inexpensive addition to the extraction duct, the pre-filter should only be used on light dust applications. It is a rectangular unit with an integral tray holding a sheet of filtration material or metal mesh, which can be washed or replaced.

Compact cyclone: For heavier dust/particulate applications, Filtermist cyclones are used to collect dust and swarf before it enters the Filtermist unit. The system is attached to the inlet of the Filtermist unit and the contaminated air passes through it. The low-pressure area within the separator encourages the heavier particles to fall to its base where they can be easily removed.

CSX low level stand: Available for FX5002 and FX6002 oil mist collectors only, this stand includes a built-in pre-separator ideal for heavy-duty applications like grinding machines. It features large access doors, allowing easy access for servicing and maintenance, and comes complete with four locking castors, 90-degree inlet bend, pre-separator and a 50-millimetre diameter drain with tap.

Floor stand: Ideal for S Series and FX Series oil mist collectors, the Filtermist floor stand is fully adjustable to different heights, and includes a base plate pre-drilled for bolting to the workshop floor. The stand comes in sections for easy transportation.

Mounting brackets: Where floor space is a premium, these versatile brackets are the ideal solution. Designed for use with S Series and FX Series units, the mounting brackets can fit directly onto the machine tool or can be used for mounting on a wall.

These accessories, and the lineup of Filtermist oil mist collectors, are available in Canada from AMT Machine Tools.


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