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Quad-Ring seals offer a number of benefits over traditional o-rings.

The Quad-Ring seal, available from Daemar, is an advanced sealing solution that offers a number of benefits over traditional o-rings. A few of the advantages include avoiding spiral twist, longer seal life, and no parting line on the sealing surface. 

Avoiding spiral twist

An o-ring groove must be wide enough to allow twisting or rolling of the seal in order to minimize breakaway friction. In applications that involve reciprocating seals, this twisting action can put a strain on the seal rubber and eventually tear it. This type of failure is known as spiral twist.

To avoid spiral twist, the Quad-Ring has a four-lobed design and features a narrower groove than an equivalent o-ring seal. This configuration was created to handle the distortion and extrusion that can result from high or pulsating pressure. 

Longer seal life

Thanks to the four-lobe design, the Quad-Ring is subjected to less squeeze and friction than a traditional solution. The result is a longer lasting seal. This means that installing the Quad-Ring ensures equipment will operate longer without issue and require less maintenance. 

No surface parting line

The Quad-Ring features no partitioning lines on the sealing surface. This offers a major benefit when compared to o-rings. The parting lines on o-rings have an irregular surface that can prevent a proper seal and cause leakage. To avoid this issue, the parting lines on the Quad-Ring are located between the lobes, and not on the sealing surface.  

More information

The standard sizes for Quad-Rings from Daemar range from 0.74 mm (.029 inches) to 659 mm (26 inches) inside diameter, and from one mm (.040 inches) to seven mm (.275 inches) thick.

A variety of other advanced sealing solutions are available from Daemar. The distributor manages the sourcing and delivery of a wide range of essential components for the manufacturing and MRO markets. For more information, contact Daemar.


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