REDwire PVC pipes 2.0: what the future of piping looks like

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The EnviroKingĀ® transparent pipe blocks UV sunlight from penetrating through the clear plastic piping.

While only an elite few will ever live to see the day to blow out 100 candles, did you know that most PVC material actually stands a greater chance of living to a century?

PVC will even self-extinguish fire sources, like candles, because of its tried and true chemical fire-resistant properties. With an extraordinary expected service lifetime similar to a centenarian, it’s no wonder that PVC is the ultimate industrial piping solution.

PVC industrial pipes, formally known as polyvinyl chloride, are durable yet lightweight materials with an environmentally friendly bonus, adding to its usefulness especially in the construction, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Used in various simple or intricate water and wastewater treatment applications irrigation, potable water structures and chemical processing, PVC is in it for the long haul because of its superior construction, corrosion and heat resistance and overall performance reliability.

The pros of PVC

Since PVC is widely used in multiple industries, PVC is extremely competitive and affordable in the marketplace, making PVC a prime return on investment due to its low maintenance and high savings.

Designed with standard or custom extrusions and compounds that boost PVC performance efficiency, a new wave of PVC piping options is coming on the industrial fluid transfer scene.

The PVC pipes below were perhaps once a pipe dream, but thanks to technological innovation in the vinyl piping industry, two prime PVC pipes offer a host of physical and chemical benefits to suit a wide range of applications.

PVC fit for a king - EnviroKing® UV resistant clear PVC pipe

Life sciences applications such as algae cultivation, carbon capture technologies, biofuel production facilities, sight glass and other visual monitoring applications will value the EnviroKing®, which reigns supreme for its UV resistance excellence.

The transparent pipe block UV sunlight -- scientifically known as ultraviolet light wavelengths – from penetrating through the clear plastic piping.

Low-pressure piping features make this tubing type an ideal choice for algae production in photobioreactors or as a transparent containment vessel in pressurized applications.

Fireproof technology in a pipe - FlameTech™ Low Flame and Smoke Containment Pipe

Where there’s smoke, there’s no fire, thanks to the dual low flame spread and low smoke generation qualities of the FlameTech™ containment pipe.

Constructed with good fire performance properties, this particular PVC pipe offers high heat distortion temperature requiring fewer monitoring sensors or expensive instrumentation equipment compared to typical opaque systems.

With simple and easy installation using conventional solvent cement joining techniques and tools, the FlameTech™ is the optimal containment pipe solution for visual leak detection systems when fire performance issues are a priority.

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