REDwire Push-on fasteners offer fast installation and cost savings

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DMR push-on fasteners are available in a range of styles.

Daemar Inc. can supply a range of push-on fasteners that provide a fast and easy solution to secure components on shafts, rods and axles. These fasteners can be quickly pushed on a shaft or stud, so there’s no need for notching, threading, drilling or other costly secondary operations. The selection includes both hat fasteners and bolt retainers in inch and metric sizes.

Many styles

Some of the different styles of push-on fasteners available include:

  • HP style fasteners are often used as decorative covers for unsightly stud ends or to prevent scratches and snags. They are used in applications ranging from toy wheel hubcaps to roller caps for boat trailers.
  • P style fasteners can be positioned anywhere along a stud, rod or wire to hold components in place. They are used in practically every industry and many diverse applications.
  • PB style push-on bolt retainers are used for assembly applications to keep screws or bolts in position before a nut is installed. For instance, they are used to hold screws in plastic fender skirts during shipping. When the skirt reaches the assembly line, it is already loaded with screws and ready for fast installation.

More information

DMR push-on fasteners are made from 1050 steel as standard. Some of the options for finishes available include plain, mechanical zinc or electro zinc (with clear, yellow or black dichromate), and phosphate and oil.

Daemar Inc. is the best source for a wide range of engineered fasteners. Some of the other products available include self-compensating hose clamps, constant section retaining rings, plastic fasteners, installation tools and fastener kits. To learn more, visit the Daemar website.


Daemar Inc.

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