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Keystone Steam Supplies

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Condensate pumping units are available from Keystone Steam Supplies.

Keystone Steam Supplies offers packaged pumping units. These units are assemblies that consist of a receiver, pump and motor, and a control device. Two main types of pumping units are available: condensate return and boiler feed. 

The units

Condensate return assemblies are designed to collect condensed liquids from remote locations in a steam system and move them back to the boiler room. Boiler feed pumping units serve a similar purpose. The main difference is that boiler feed pumping units use the condensate to replenish the boiler, and add make-up water when required. In addition, they are generally larger than condensate return units because they must store the water until it is needed.

This capability offers significant savings in energy and operating costs. That’s because it takes advantage of the condensate’s heat by returning it to the boiler, reducing the use of make-up water and the fuel needed to heat it. Reusing the condensate also avoids the need to chemically treat fresh make-up water.

Many options

Pumping units from Keystone Steam Supplies are available with a variety of options. For instance, the receiver can be cast iron or steel, and the pump and motor can be either simplex or duplex. These units are typically run using electricity; however, steam powered models are available for hazardous environments or applications where electricity is not available. The boiler feed units are available in both horizontal and vertical designs, and with either a float or solenoid to control the delivery of make-up water.

Many factors come into play when selecting a pumping unit for your application. Some of the things to keep in mind include system capacity, required outlet pressure, and electrical requirements. The experts at Keystone Steam Supplies can assist by recommending the best options or tracking down the perfect solution.

These are just some of the offerings available from Keystone Steam Supplies. Keystone is your single source supplier for all steam and hydronic heating equipment. The company brings 30 years of industry expertise towards helping you find the parts you need. 


Keystone Steam Supplies

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