REDwire Pump replacement parts offer OEM quality at a lower cost

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Versa-Matic parts and repair kits are available from York Fluid Controls.

Versa-Matic can supply genuine replacement parts and repair kits that fit ARO, Wilden and Yamada double diaphragm pumps. These kits provide everything needed to make repairs to pumps in one convenient package, helping to increase uptime and reduce the frequency of repairs. Some of the parts available include diaphragms, valve seats, valve balls, air end parts and wetted end kits. 

The selection of replacement components is manufactured by qualified professionals in the state-of the-art Pumper Parts facility. Both Versa-Matic and Pumper Parts are units of IDEX Corporation. 

ARO pump parts

Repair kits available for ARO pumps include air section and fluid section kits for pumps ranging from 1/2 up to three inches. There are kits for the repair of balls, diaphragms, gaskets, seats, pistons, valve inserts, u-cups and more.
Wilden pump parts

Some of the parts available for Wilden AODD pumps include air valves, balls, bushings, capillary rod assembly, check body, clamp bands, diaphragms, end caps, end cap o-rings and expanded PTFE kits. A range of fluid section repair kits are also available for Wilden pumps ranging from 1/2 to three inches. There are kits for the repair of gaskets, mufflers, o-rings, oil bottles, pipe bushings, pistons, retaining rings, screens, shafts, valve balls and seats. 

Yamada pump parts

York Fluid Controls can supply Yamada pump parts, including balls, ball guides, ball receivers and diaphragms. Kits are available for F-Series pumps and liquid end section repair, for sizes ranging from 1/4 to one inch. The selection includes kits for flat valves, guides and o-rings, as well as valve seats, stoppers and receivers.

OEM quality

These replacement parts are built to perform the same as or better than OEM parts. That's why the parts come with the same warranty as the OEM equipment. Despite the exceptional quality standards, these replacement parts cost 20 per cent less than the OEM's list price. The parts are typically shipped within 24 hours, and there is no fee for expediting rush orders. 

Replacement pump parts from Versa-Matic are available from York Fluid Controls. Contact York Fluid Controls for details. 


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