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Diaphragm pumps are types of positive displacement pumps ideal to transfer viscous or gelatinous liquids

Got liquid? We have a diaphragm pump for that. Classified as the titan of transfer pumps, diaphragm pumps are capable to transmit liquids of varying viscous degrees – and even dense material solids.

Last week York Fluid Controls revealed how hygienic filters and strainers keep work surfaces clean, lean and mean against harmful contaminates. This week we share how another key mechanism -- diaphragm pumps delivers on precision and performance.

Diaphragm pumps are types of positive displacement pumps ideal to transfer viscous or gelatinous liquids. Fluids are conveyed using a flapper or ball valve in a reciprocating action.

From sticky slurry, stones or sludge, to thick mud, waste or processed filtrate, diaphragm pumps are essential pieces of machinery equipped to handle abrasive, industrial material fluids seamlessly and effectively.

Pick an application, any application

Industries tasked with applications involving adhesives, chemicals, diesels, oils, paints, resins, solvents, sprays or even volatile or flammable fluids benefit from the power of diaphragm pumps.

Pump up the volume on your knowledge when it comes to our selection of Blagdon Pump, which is the perfect solution for a wide range of features and material options. Refer to our handy virtual catalogue of our Blagdon Pump lineup for a quick hit of features and specifications ideal for your particular application.

Simple and steadfast

With simple construction, easy maintenance and pressure handling of 8.6 bar (or 125 psi), our metallic pumps from Blagdon are ideal for emptying containers because of its self-priming properties and reliable pneumatic air valve component. Including flow rates of up to 180 litres per min (48 gal per min), these pumps also have weighted valve balls for high S.G. (specific gravity) and viscous fluids.

As the liquid handling specialist for more than fifty years, York Fluid Control also carries non-metallic pump options, manufactured with safety bolted construction and low break out pressure requirements equal to our metallic pump solutions. 


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