REDwire PTFE products: five simple facts explained

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Enflo Canada Ltd. carries a wide stock of PTFE products including PTFE cylinders, films, rods, sheets, tapes and tubes.

Did you know that some of the pots and pans in your pantry might be hydrophobic?

Hydrophobicity is a term used in chemistry to describe the physical properties of molecules that repels from water. This type of “fear” is a good thing if you like having your meals slide easily from the non-stick coating of your cookware.

But, PTFE is not just for cooking anymore. PTFE is used in a wide variety of applications and come in an assortment of formats. Learn more about this chemical creation in the following five simple facts about PTFE's form, fit and function.

What exactly is PTFE?

PTFE or PolyTetraFluoroEthylene is a thermoplastic part of the fluoropolymer plastics family. This heat-resistant, non-stick coating is more commonly known as the trademark Teflon® rather than its chemical name of PTFE. 

Tell me more about this PTFE thing

PTFE’s chemical inertness to a large range of substances allows it to have high insulation and low friction properties in addition to its non-stick qualities and tolerance to bear high temperatures.

Is PTFE invincible?

While PTFE largely an inactive chemical substance, chemicals such as chlorine trifluoride, fluorine, as well as molten alkali metals do affect PTFE at high temperatures. Generally, PTFE can sweat it out until it reaches a maximum temperature of 500°F or 260°C.

Why would I use PTFE?

PTFE comes in a variety of standard and modified shapes and sizes. Typical industrial PTFE products include sheets, tapes, rods, cylinders and tubing. Dimensions and specifications of these products vary widely and are customizable depending on the application it is used for.

Besides the coating on my non-stick frying pan, where else can I find PTFE?

As a familiar essential within the aerospace, oil and gas and telecommunications industries, PTFE is used for insulating cables, connectors and circuits as well as lining the interiors of fuel lines and pumps.

The health care and science fields also benefit from PTFE uses for medical applications such as orthotic devices, therapeutic footwear, laboratory containers, as well as instruments that measure optical radiation.

Sounds like I need some of this PTFE. Where can I go to get it?

Established as one of the largest PTFE manufacturers, Enflo Canada Ltd. is your ideal destination for all your business PTFE needs.

From PTFE cylinders, films, rods, sheets and tubing, we’ve met or exceeded the expectations of our clients since 1956 to ensure each PTFE product that leaves our shop is superior in its material and properties.

We specialize in processing virgin PTFE (a rare service in the industry) to certify quality control of reprocessed materials. Combined with quick, customized customer delivery, along with technical and engineering excellence, Enflo Canada is your nation’s number one PTFE manufacturer.

Speak with one of our knowledgeable sales staff today to obtain a quote. We’re always stocked with useful inventory, information and PTFE solutions for your business at


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