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Provincial Partitions created a modular machining cell that could easily be demounted and reconfigured as required.

Exco Engineering, a world leader in the design, build and development of large high pressure die cast tooling, needed an alternative solution to the partitioning of its 130,000-square-foot facility near Toronto. Previously, the company would erect block walls to separate the various work areas situated throughout the plant. As needs changed, Exco personnel would have to demolish those same walls, only to rebuild them in a different location. The company needed a more flexible solution, so it turned to Provincial Partitions. 

A modular alternative

Exco reached out to Provincial Partitions to create a modular machining cell that could easily be demounted and reconfigured as required. Provincial Partitions’ modular “plug-and-play” System 40 wall partitions provided the perfect solution.

But not everyone was convinced at first. 

When Karn Gill, lean co-ordinator at Exco Engineering, first heard of the proposal to partition the work areas using modular walls, he was skeptical. He admits now that it was the perfect solution. 

“I didn’t realize it would provide such a flexible, easy-to-maintain system of creating a machining cell,” he said. “I’m completely impressed with the merits of the modular solution provided by Provincial Partitions, and don’t ever want to see another brick and mortar wall in the plant again.”

A unique requirement for this machining cell was to provide double doors with no headers at either end of the structure. This would allow easy access for overhead cranes to transport oversized, extremely heavy machining parts in and out of the cell. HSS steel columns were used to support the heavy-duty doors.

A leading manufacturer

Provincial Partitions is a leading provider of modular space solutions. Customers across Canada and the United States rely on its high-quality and flexible products to meet their changing needs. To request a quotation on how your next building project might benefit by using Provincial Partitions’ unique line of modular space solutions, fill out an online RFQ form or contact the company directly at


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