REDwire Provincial Partitions customer repurposes System 40 components for new quality assurance lab

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An auto parts manufacturer recently repurposed Provincial Partitions’ System 40 mezzanine and in-plant office components for a new, two-storey quality assurance lab.

Provincial Partitions prides itself on providing cost-effective modular and prefabricated building solutions that give customers the flexibility to expand or relocate in the future as needed. One of its customers, an international auto parts manufacturer, demonstrated this capability recently by repurposing Provincial Partitions’ System 40 mezzanine and in-plant office components for a new, two-storey quality assurance lab. 

The project

The new quality assurance lab, which measures 22 feet by 106 feet on both floors, is composed entirely of standard System 40 parts repurposed from a previous installation. Not only were the refurbished components fully customizable to the clients’ new configuration requirements, but a significant cost savings was realized by using the refurbished components.

In addition, the client needed a fully open workspace area on both the ground floor and second storey of the new lab. This was possible thanks to Provincial Partitions’ mezzanine floor capacity, which is rated at 125 psf UDL.

System 40

Provincial Partitions’ steel mezzanine structures are custom engineered to suit each and every job application. The structural mechanical components of its proprietary System 40 mezzanines are designed to be assembled and disassembled easily, making relocation and reconfiguration possible. All structural components bolt together, ensuring complete flexibility in the event needs change in the future. Additionally, Provincial Partitions’ welding operations are CWB Certified.

Whether standard or custom, Provincial Partitions’ mezzanines are built to meet specific requirements for space, cost, weight, appearance, maintenance and security. Another bonus: using prefabricated structures can reduce construction time by as much as 40 per cent.

More information

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