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MOCAP's lineup includes self-bonding tape, netting, bend restrictors and corner covers.

MOCAP has earned a reputation as a leader in plastic and rubber protective products. In addition to its wide selection of caps, plugs, grips, masking products and pipe and flange protection products, the manufacturer offers several other protective products that don’t typically fall into these categories.

Bend restrictors: Collar Guard Bend Restrictors are used primarily on consumer and industrial water, hydraulic and pressure washer hoses and tubing to prevent kinks, bends and breaks, prolonging the life of the hose. The bend restrictors are easy to install and feature a tapered design that provides a secure fit. The inside lip of the unit attaches to the coupling, locking the restrictor in place. Constructed of vinyl, these flexible and durable bend restrictors are available in a variety of sizes and colours, and can be printed on to customize them to the user’s needs.

Corner covers: These inexpensive, colourful, durable and reusable protective covers are designed to protect the corners of plate glass and other thin sheet materials, and to prevent damaged corners during shipping and storage. Made from vinyl, they stretch just enough for a perfect fit on the corners of glass and other flat square corner products, but can be easily removed. MOCAP’s corner covers are available in a variety of sizes to fit most common sizes of plate glass.

Self-bonding wrap: Silicone X-Treme Tape is a self-fusing silicone insulating and repair wrap designed to withstand extremes in temperature, pressure and electrical current. There are thousands of applications for this tape. It can be used to seal and repair plumbing, vents, ducts and hoses, and is perfect for sports grips and tool handles, wire harnesses, cable wraps, boat and RV hook-ups, and more. The high-strength tape is available in a wide range of widths, lengths and colours. MOCAP is the exclusive owner and manufacturer of X‑Treme Tape products.

Protective netting: MOCAP carries mesh netting to protect products from scratches and damage during shipping and assembly. Made from low-density polyethylene, the netting is flexible enough to fit irregular shapes, and is available in a wide range of sizes. The diamond shape open mesh design helps to eliminate trapped moisture, protecting against rust and corrosion. The netting is sold in rolls, but can be cut to the desired length.

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