REDwire Protective films offer protection for nearly any surface

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SG PolyMask has an extensive line of customized surface protection films, available in Canada through Adheco.

Product quality is a top priority for manufacturers. However, to maintain a commitment to high quality, manufacturers must protect their products during processing, shipment, installation and exposure to UV. SG PolyMask has an extensive line of customized surface protection films, available in Canada through Adheco, designed to meet these needs.

The selection includes:

  • Surface Guard PolyMask Protective Films: Ideal for use on metals, glass and other high-value surfaces that can be easily scratched and damaged during processing and shipment, these protective films are an economical option for product protection.

  • Surface Guard PolyMask High Performance “A” Films: This product, designed for surfaces that need to be formed, bent or corrugated after applying the protective film, offers superior puncture resistance and exceptional elongation, which allows the film to remain on the surface through many forming processes. These films also offer greater abrasion resistance for a more conformable, easier-to-apply alternative to thicker-gauge films.

  • Surface Guard PolyMask UV Protective Films: Ideal for use on products that are exposed to the sun for extended periods of time, these films offer protection from scratches and abrasions, while allowing for clean removal from the surface.

  • Surface Guard PolyMask Protective Laser Films: These films, which resist abrasion, nicks and scratches, provide temporary protection to stainless steel before, during and after laser-cutting operations.

  • Vehicle Exterior Protective Films: These films protect automotive exteriors from damage and dirt in the plant and in transit. They can be used on paint, wheels, glass and mirrors.

  • Vehicle Interior Protective Films: These films, designed for use on vehicle interiors, allow workers to finish jobs quickly and efficiently without worrying about scratches, nicks and smudges on finished components.

Surface Guard PolyMask Protective Films are customized at the time of order to meet each customer’s individual needs. They are available in widths from two to 72 inches, and lengths from 300 to 7,500 feet.

To learn more, contact Adheco, a Scarborough, Ont.-based bonding and surface finishing expert.


Adheco Ltd.

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