REDwire Protective film a safe and easy way to protect floor and carpet

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Presto’s floor and carpet protection films are available from Adheco.

Presto’s protective films for floor and carpet are an extremely effective way to temporarily protect carpets and semi-smooth floors, like ceramic tiles and hardwood, from tracked in dirt, paint spills, dust, debris and damage resulting from construction, renovations, parties and more. The films offer protection for up to 45 days, and can be cleanly removed after.

Top-notch product

Presto’s floor and carpet protection films feature a specially formulated adhesive on a durable polyethylene film backing. The adhesive can remain on the floor for up to 45 days without leaving a residue behind. Removal is easy. Simply lift the film from the floor and, presto, you’re done.

Like all of the company’s tapes and films, the floor and carpet protection films meet strict quality control measures.

Multiple sizes

Presto’s protective films are available in a range of sizes to meet the specific needs of its customers. Carpet protection film is available in sizes from 24 inches by 100 feet, up to 48 inches by 500 feet. Floor protection films are available in sizes that are 24-, 36- or 48-inches wide, and 200- or 500-feet long.


Presto’s products are manufactured in the United States, but its floor and carpet protection films are available in Canada from Adheco, a bonding and surface finishing specialist. Adheco represents world-class manufacturers, giving its customers access to the highest quality adhesives, tapes and abrasives. The company’s team includes individuals with many years of industrial experience and high levels of technical knowledge.

To learn more, contact Adheco.


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