REDwire Protect your workers and tubular sight glass with Keystone's exclusive Gauge Glass Guardian

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The Gauge Glass Guardian from Keystone Steam Supplies

When you’re dealing with the high temperatures and pressures involved with steam systems, liquid level gauges for tanks and boilers can pose a real danger. If the tubular gauge glass gets accidentally broken, steam or hot water will leak, and workers can be seriously injured.

To protect workers from this problem, Keystone Steam Supplies offers the Gauge Glass Guardian. This guard is made from lightweight polycarbonate tubing that is shatter-resistant. It will protect your glass tubes from damage, and keep workers safe in the event of a leak. 

Gauge Glass Guardian features

The Gauge Glass Guardian is built to handle the demanding requirements of steam system applications. It is capable of withstanding continuous temperatures up to 122 degrees C (252 degrees F).
The guard can also help you detect most leaks as they happen. The construction material is transparent enough that you can easily read liquid levels. In the event of a leak, the Gauge Glass Guardian will discolour, dependent on the chemicals within the liquid. This provides a visual leak indicator to alert you of the problem.  

More details

The Gauge Glass Guardian is exclusive to Keystone Steam Supplies. Besides simply keeping your steam system safe, the guard also helps ensure you are compliant with the requirements of the Technical Standards & Safety Authority, Ontario Regulation 219/01 (TSSA), on gauge glass safety.

Worm gear clamps are used to fasten the guards in place. The guards can be provided in precut lengths to meet your specifications, or they can be easily field-cut. A variety of diameters are available. 

An expert wholesaler

Keystone Steam Supplies prides itself on the ability to meet any customer need. That means if they don’t stock exactly what you’re looking for, they will track it down or find a new solution. 

Just imagine getting all your steam and hydronic heating supplies from the same place, guaranteed. Keystone Steam Supplies has what you need and will take care of the leg work, ensuring you get your products on time. 


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