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Wainbee's lineup of predictive maintenance products includes sensors, isolators, tracking systems, power controllers and modular drives.

A variety of products for predictive maintenance applications are available from Wainbee. Some examples include wireless sensors, power controllers and modular drives. These products can help reduce downtime, make maintenance more efficient, and protect equipment.

The lineup includes:

  • Wireless sensors: Parker SensoNode Blue wireless sensors enable the tracking and analysis of conditions, such as temperature, pressure and humidity levels, in a hydraulic system. The sensors pair with Scout mobile software and can transmit data directly to a mobile device for monitoring in real time. These sensors help with systems management and prevent problems before they occur. They are also lightweight and easy to install.
  • Isolators for hydraulic systems: Parker KleenVent KVE isolators help protect hydraulic systems from contaminants, such as dust, chemicals and water vapour, which can move through the reservoir’s breather vent. These isolators provide a low maintenance solution that reduces downtime as well as waste disposal costs.
  • Tracking system: The Parker Tracking System (PTS) helps increase the speed, timing and accuracy of repairs. It creates a unique ID code for every hose assembly or tagged asset. These ID codes are printed on a durable barcode or RFID label. The result is fast and easy product identification and replacement.
  • Power controllers: The Gefran Xtra power controllers can protect electric heating systems from transient over currents or short circuits. These controllers can handle infinite short circuit cycles without any damage. They will also perform system sensing to identify if the problem persists, and reset automatically to return to the programmed thermal cycle. As a result, they can safeguard the thermal energy of a system, ensuring product integrity while minimizing costs and downtime.
  • Modular drives: The Parker AC890 modular system drive is a compact solution for controlling the speed and position of AC induction or servo motor applications, including open-loop or closed-loop and single-motor or multi-motor varieties. It can be used with any AC motor and is compatible with a broad range of feedback options. This flexibility makes it possible to get high performance without requiring replacement of an existing AC motor.

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