REDwire Protect rods and cylinders with rod wipers from Daemar

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Rod wipers protect rods and cylinders by keeping them clean.

Daemar can supply a variety of rod wipers, piston seals and wear rings. These products will help keep pistons working properly and prevent premature failure.

Rod wipers

Rod wipers keep rods and cylinders clean and free from foreign matter. This avoids the abrasive effects of contaminants reaching the sealing and rod bearing elements.

  • Style ST is a one-piece snap-in rod wiper scraper. This model is designed for heavy-duty applications and will conform with wear and side motion to provide effective wiping over the seal’s entire lifespan.
  • Style HW rod wipers are ideal for medium-duty applications. In addition to wiping, these rod wipers can provide a sealing action in low pressure systems. They have an external lip to scrape foreign matter away, and additional lips that act as a pressure seal. They can be used to trap slight leakage from the primary seal.
  • Style KW rod wipers have a double-lip design that offers the top-of-the-line in wiper action to remove foreign matter and maintain a lubricating film. These rod wipers excel at protecting both the rod and the primary seal.

Additional solutions

A range of piston seals are also available. These two-part seals require no lubrication and offer bi-directional sealing. They are easy to install and remove, and can be cut in the field to make installation even easier. They feature styles with high strength, low friction and resistance to rolling and twisting.

In addition, Daemar offers wear rings made from glass-filled nylon. These non-metallic rings eliminate galling and scoring of cylinder bores and rods by preventing metal-to-metal contact. The compressive strength and load bearing capabilities of glass-filled nylon meet or exceed that of most metals.

For more information, visit the Daemar website.


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