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Pipe caps and pipe flange protectors protect pipe products from damage and contamination.

Caps’n Plugs is laser focused on finding solutions for its customers. The Brampton, Ont.-based company carries an extensive product line of caps, plugs, grommets and handle grips for shipping protection, paint/plate masking and product finishing. 

Pipe caps and pipe flange protectors are part of the company’s extensive lineup. Ideal for shipping or yard storage, these durable pipe product protectors are available for every pipe size, offering protection from physical damage and contamination. 

The selection includes:

  • CE Series: Closed-end pipe caps offer excellent protection against damage caused during transit, and also help eliminate debris from entering pipe during yard storage. Made from low density polyethylene, these protectors are designed for easy installation, and stay in place until removed. 
  • OE Series: Made of low density polyethylene, open-end pipe caps feature specially designed beads to assure a snug fit for excellent protection of threaded pipe and conduit during shipping, storage and transit. 
  • FPC Series: These made-to-order fabricated pipe caps, made to fit any off standard pipe diameter, are designed to provide a tight fit and protect pipe in transit or storage. Either a 2.8- or 4.5-inch long skirt is extruded in low density polyethylene and is welded to create a ring the required diameter, then a high density polyethylene disc is tack welded to the end of the ring to create the pipe cap. 
  • TLF Series: Engineered for ANSI B-16.5 flanges, this flange cover has four hinged plugs that are pressed into bolt holes one at a time for faster installation than traditional covers. The low density polyethylene flanges feature a thick pad for impact protection with reinforced walls to reduce warping and allow greater surface contact. 
  • RFP Series: This patent-pending flange protector is designed for pressure classes 400, 600, 900, 1,500 and 2,500 pounds. It is designed as an economical, injection moulded part with excellent impact protection for the raised face flange surface. 
  • FAN Series: These flange protectors cover the full face of a pipe flange and are secured to the flange bolt holes with nylon zip ties. Made of high density polyethylene, flange covers are available in a variety of sizes from 75 to 2,500 pressure classes. 
  • VAS Series: Designed to accommodate most American Association, Navy and Military sizes, these vinyl flange covers offer protection by sealing out dust and moisture during shipment.

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