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Loctite welding solutions can increase equipment reliability and welder productivity.

Weld spatter is a common problem facing today’s welders. A major nuisance, weld spatter is known to make a welder’s job more difficult, but it can also result in decreased equipment reliability and increased downtime due to maintenance. Loctite solutions can help. 

Available from Henkel, Loctite welding solutions reduce the amount of time spent cleaning and grinding weld spatter on parts and equipment. This suite of solutions can increase equipment reliability, increase welder productivity, reduce downtime, extend equipment life and lower costs.

The Loctite lineup of welding solutions includes:

  • Loctite SF 7900: An innovative ceramic protective coating for welding equipment, this product's unique dry film protects welding equipment against metal spatter for up to eight hours. It can increase productivity by up to seven per cent; reduce costs for consumables by up to 40 per cent; and eliminate cleaning costs. Loctite SF 7900 is available in a 9.5-oz. aerosol spray can.
  • Loctite SF 7909: This water-based, synthetic, anti-weld spatter is applied to parts prior to welding to reduce the deposit of weld spatter on unpainted metal. It temporarily coats to protect parts being welded from weld spatter, and will not affect weld reliability, as it rinses off with water or alkaline cleaner. Parts protected with Loctite SF 7909 require less grinding post-weld, which saves time and money. This product is available in two sizes — a 16-oz. spray bottle and a one-gallon container.
  • Loctite 290 Threadlocker: After welding, this medium strength wicking threadlocker is used to fill porosities in welds, castings and powdered metal parts. It’s available in two sizes — a 50-ml bottle and a 250-ml bottle.

These products are available from Henkel, a leading provider of adhesives, sealants and coatings. To learn more about Loctite welding solutions, contact Henkel


Henkel Canada Corporation

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