REDwire Protect fragile technology using an unmanned prefabricated enclosure

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Provincial Partitions can produce unmanned prefabricated enclosures.

When the application calls for an unmanned enclosure capable of housing sophisticated equipment that can tolerate temperature extremes from sub-zero to near tropical, Provincial Partitions has the expertise that many clients have come to depend on.

Reliable and flexible

Many of the company’s prefabricated enclosures house sophisticated equipment and can tolerate whatever mother nature has to offer. Unmanned remote units can be equipped with economizer HVAC systems to heat or cool the units as needed. They are demountable, enabling easy teardown and shipping when required. Additionally, they can be outfitted with galvanized skids complete with forklift pockets for easy placement in remote locations with limited access. The units can be shrink wrapped for maximum protection during transport.

Meeting customer needs

Provincial Partitions’ steel prefabricated enclosures are prefinished structures built to the most exacting demands of customer requirements. Most include full electrical packages, ceiling systems, spray foam insulation, doors, flooring, interior wall finish and roof covering. They have been used to house a variety of sophisticated technology serving many industries.

Whether standard or custom, Provincial Partitions’ enclosures are built to meet your specific requirements for space, cost, weight, appearance, maintenance and security. An added bonus: using prefabricated structures can reduce construction time by as much as 40 per cent.

A top choice

Flexibility and convenience make Provincial Partitions’ solutions the ideal space management choice. To learn more about the company’s unique solutions-oriented approach to modular structures, fill out an online RFQ form or contact Provincial Partitions directly at


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