REDwire Protect cooling towers from corrosion with easy-to-apply tape system

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Denso's protective tape systems are easy to apply by hand.

Denso North America offers a petrolatum tape system for cooling tower corrosion protection. This tape system can provide effective protection for all types of cooling tower components, including piping, conduit, valves, flanges, hangers, electrical boxes and sprinkler systems. The tape will help prevent the corrosion that's caused by wet/dry cycles and the constantly changing temperatures of cooling towers.

Petrolatum tape system

The system can incorporate a number of different preparation pastes and protective tape to suit the application. For instance, to prepare metal surfaces for tape wrapping, Denso Paste or Denso S105 Paste can be used. Denso Paste will displace surface moisture, fill imperfections, passivate surface oxides, and guarantee intimate contact between the substrate and Denso petrolatum tapes. The S105 paste is similar except it has added passivating agents so it can be applied to wet surfaces and even under water.

When preparing to wrap a component with an irregular shape, such as flanges and fittings, Denso Profiling Mastic should be used. The mastic can create a smooth surface to allow for tape wrapping.

Lastly, the tape can be applied. The standard Densyl Tape will provide sealing, corrosion protection and water proofing. It can be used on components either above or below ground, including joints, cables, pipelines, tensioning members and more. Also available is the Denso Butyl 30 Tape. It can provide added mechanical protection, as well as UV protection.

System features

This tape system is easy to apply, as only minimal surface preparation is needed and abrasive blasting is not required. In addition, there's no need for special equipment or training. It can be applied easily by hand and provides professional looking results. This protective tape system is a more cost-effective option than paint, and offers a long service life. Lastly, it is non-toxic and VOC-free, so there are no problems with disposal.

To learn more about Denso's protective tape systems, visit the company’s website.


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