REDwire Protal Repair Cartridge provides fast-curing repairs for the REX pipeline

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Protal 7125 is the ideal solution for repairing holidays in FBE-coated pipe.

Denso North America offers a fast-curing solution for performing repairs on FBE and other liquid-coated pipelines: the Protal 7125 Repair Cartridge. The fast-curing capabilities make it the repair product of choice when lowering in a pipeline. That's why it was used on the REX pipeline project to repair holidays in FBE-coated pipe. 

Fast repairs for pipelines

In applications that involve the repair of small areas on pipelines up to 65 degrees C (150 degrees F), the Protal 7125 can be fully cured in less than six minutes. On the REX pipeline project, that rapid cure time enabled construction crews to continue the backfilling processes without unnecessary delay.

The Protal 7125 is supplied in two-component tubes that use a dispensing gun for application. Static mixing tips are available. To prepare a pipeline surface for small repairs, all that's required is to roughen the surface of the parent coating to remove gloss from at least 25 millimetres (one inch) around the holiday. This can be done using 80-120 grit sandpaper or light sweep blasting. For larger repairs, preparation requires abrasive blasting to remove any dirt, rust, scale, damaged coating or foreign materials.

Product features

Protal 7125 offers many advantages, including fast cure and fast initial set. It can be applied in cold temperatures as low as -20 degrees C (-4 degrees F) and will not freeze even when applied to substrates that are below 0 degrees C (32 degrees F). It also provides excellent adhesion that complements FBE-coated pipe, and it is ideal for drilling applications due to its high abrasion resistance. A single coat provides high build up to 50 mils. 

For more information on Protal 7125 and the range of protective pipeline coatings available, visit the Denso website.


Denso North America Inc

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