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Rotem can supply cutting fluids for every application.

In metal machining applications, cutting fluids are used to lubricate the process, cool the workpiece and flush away chips. There are many different types of fluids to choose from, such as oils, pastes, gels or mists. Using the right cutting fluid can enable higher cutting speeds and prolonged tool life. When it comes to finding the best fluid, metalworking fluid specialists, such as the experts at Rotem Industrial Products, can help.

The Toronto-based company offers a wide variety of cutting fluids. Rotem stocks ready-to-ship products from suppliers such as Master Chemical and ChemArrow. The selection of fluids includes oil, emulsion, synthetic and semi-synthetic options. To help select the best option, the company has fluid specialists that can answer any questions.

In addition, the Rotem website provides some cutting fluid selection tips. The key characteristics that a quality cutting fluid should have include:

  • Good lubricating properties and low viscosity;
  • Non-corrosive properties;
  • Capability for rust prevention on different machine parts;
  • Heat removal and temperature stabilizing capabilities;
  • Bacteria prevention through sanitization; and
  • Allows a clear view of the work operation.

Rotem cutting fluids

Cutting fluids are used in all types of machining operations, including milling, grinding and sawing.

Rotem can supply coolant solutions for any application. The coolants Rotem provides have the capabilities needed to improve tool life, optimize production, maintain machinery and save money. In addition, these cutting fluids are environmentally friendly, such as the TRIM MicroSol line of cutting fluids that are free of boron and halogens, and offer great low-foam control.

Rotem is the ideal source for industrial fluids. Besides its wide selection and expert advice, it offers a free coolant monitoring program. For more information, visit the company’s website.


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