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All Custom Gasket & Materials recognizes that the success of its high-quality gaskets is dependent upon proper installation.

All Custom Gasket & Materials has a simple goal — to provide the best available materials, carefully engineered into gaskets, designed to the customer’s specific requirements. This Canadian owned and operated manufacturer recognizes that the success of its high-quality gaskets is dependent upon proper installation. After all, failure to properly install a gasket directly impacts the gasket’s performance, resulting in the potential failure of the mechanical system, downtime and costly replacements. 

These are the steps users can take to ensure proper gasket installation. 

  • Visually examine and clean flanges, bolts, nuts and washers to ensure they are in good working condition. Replace any components if necessary.
  • Next, lubricate the nuts, bolts and nut-bearing surfaces. 
  • Now you are ready to install. Ensure the gasket is centred on the flange. This is very important, especially when raised faces are involved. Make sure the surface finish and flatness are satisfactory before moving on. 
  • Next, tighten the bolts to compress the gasket, and check for uniformity. When tightening, go from side to side around the joint. 
  • Use a torque wrench, well-lubricated fasteners and hardened flat washers to ensure correct initial loading. 
  • All bolts should be tightened in one-third increments, though the pattern in which to tighten depends on the bolt used — circular four-bolt, non-circular multi-bolt, square four-bolt or circular multi-bolt. 
  • Double check the target torque value moving from bolt to bolt. 
  • Re-torque between 12 to 24 hours after installation. 

Always torque in a cross bolt tightening pattern and use proper tools. Torque values are typically in ft.-lbs. Contact All Custom Gasket for torque values on metallic, as well as non-metallic, gasket materials.

If users have any questions, All Custom Gasket is always happy to help. As an asbestos-free gasket material specialist and manufacturer, its staff has 100 years of combined experience in fabrication and manufacturing, and continues to provide customers with the best professional advice, quality products, quick deliveries and personalized service with competitive prices. 


All Custom Gasket & Materials Ltd.

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