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Engineered Lifting Systems is an authorized dealer for Anver, a leading North American builder of vacuum material handling equipment.

Vacuum lifters are valuable handling devices that allow single person manipulation of loads. They are used to lift, tilt and rotate loads of many sizes, from small steel plates, doors, countertops, glass sheets, plastic panels and stone slabs, to larger, heavier items for heavy-duty industries. Since many users rely on these lifters to help with their daily material handling tasks, it is critical that they are regularly inspected to ensure they remain safe, productive pieces of equipment.

Lifter inspection checklist

There are a few items on a vacuum lifter that can cause performance issues if not inspected on a regular basis.

  • Filter elements should be checked daily by the operator. A brand new filter will be bright white. As soon as it starts to turn black/brown, it should be replaced. This is the only part protecting the pump from damage.
  • The vacuum lines should be checked weekly, at a minimum. If they are pinched or holes are present, the hose should be replaced.
  • The vacuum pads should be cleaned at least monthly with warm soapy water. Dirt on the pads will create an air gap and be a source for vacuum loss. In some cases, the pads will need to be removed from the hub and the hubs will need to be cleaned.
  • For mechanical lifters, the diaphragm and valve sealing disc cover should be checked at least monthly for tears or cracks. If no issues are found, lubricate both items with talcum powder (inside and outside) to help them perform well. Do not use oil, grease or any other liquid to lubricate these parts.

A leading lifter provider

When it’s time to buy a new vacuum lifter, Engineered Lifting Systems (ELS) is an expert source. The company is an authorized dealer for Anver, a leading North American builder of vacuum material handling equipment. As a distributor, ELS offers a wide selection of lightweight Anver electric and air-powered lifters and tilters, which can easily lift and tilt smaller loads. The company also offers standard and custom vacuum lifters designed to handle heavy metal plate in mills, metal centres and large fabricators, as well as vacuum tube lifters for repetitive handling.

With such a wide selection, ELS technical sales staff can help customers select the right vacuum lifter for the application. To learn more, contact Engineered Lifting Systems.


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