REDwire ProLogix offers complete control of Hytrol sortation equipment

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The ProLogix package, available from Norpak Handling and McKessock Conveyor Solutions, controls Hytrol sortation equipment.

Hytrol is just one of a growing list of high-quality international suppliers represented across Canada by Norpak Handling and McKessock Conveyor Solutions. The ProLogix Sortation Control package is available from the companies to control Hytrol sortation equipment, providing consistent quality performance for all Hytrol sortation solutions.

ProLogix has been tested and proven in a wide variety of sortation applications — from manufacturing to distribution. Its main purpose is to sort product to the correct sortation lane, as well as to ensure consistent monitoring and optimal performance of the equipment. 

ProLogix controls Hytrol's ProSort 100, ProSort 200, ProSort 400, ProSort SC, ViperSort and other models of sortation equipment. It provides standalone complete control for an individual sorter, providing flexible integration into any system. ProLogix accepts information from other devices (PLCs, barcode scanners or computers), tracks product until diverted, and then will, if needed, send confirmation of the divert back to the system. It controls the infeed area, all devices on the sorter, divert verification, and lane full detection on single or double-sided sorters.

The top features of ProLogix includes: 

  • Easy setup and calibration of sorter;   
  • Confirms proper gaps between products;   
  • Interfaces with scanner or host computer;   
  • Dependable tracking and delivery of product;   
  • Divert confirmation and host notification;   
  • Full lane and lane jam detection;   
  • Interactive screens to support maintenance personnel;   
  • Built-in diagnostics to minimize downtime; and   
  • Remote assistance via modem.

ProLogix provides a user-friendly touchscreen for easy and quick sorter setup. The Hytrol sortation solution can be up and running in a small amount of time by answering a few simple questions and entering a few measurements. System operational screens will show how well the system is performing on a daily basis. All inputs and outputs can be monitored for correct operation. Maintenance screens help to test operation of output devices.

For more information on the Hytrol product line, contact Norpak Handling


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