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Denso profiling mastic can adhere to metal, PVC, polyethylene and concrete.

Denso’s profiling mastic is used to provide a smooth profile over irregular shaped fittings, flanged joints and valves, prior to tape application. Its unique moulding and sealing properties offer a much easier tape application over contoured surfaces. Denso profiling mastic is typically applied over primed surfaces prior to the application of Denso's petrolatum or bituminous based tapes.

The details

Denso profiling mastic can adhere to metal, PVC, polyethylene and concrete. It is a cold-applied, self-supporting moulding mastic containing beads of closed cell cellular polymer and flow control additives. The profiling mastic does not include any VOCs, and is not affected by water, acids and salts. Like many of Denso’s sealing and corrosion prevention products, it is easy to apply in any temperature, from tropical to arctic. In addition, it is non-hardening in cold weather.

Simple application

Minimal surface preparation is required for the application of Denso profiling mastic. Users simply remove loose scale, rust or other foreign matter in accordance to SSPC SP2 “Hand Tool Cleaning” or SP3 “Power Tool Cleaning”. A high-pressure water wash of 3,000 to 7,000 psi is also suitable. Once the surface is clean, apply a thin film of the recommended tape primer. Now the surface is ready for the profiling mastic, which is moulded by hand to a rounded configuration in order to fill irregular shapes and reduce sharp-edged surfaces prior to wrapping.

A trusted solutions provider

Denso has a proven track record of solving problems in the most challenging environments. Its sealing and corrosion prevention products have earned a reputation for their reliability and ease of use.

The company has locations across the globe, including Canadian offices in Toronto and Edmonton, so it is well-positioned to serve its customers.

To learn more, contact Denso North America.


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