REDwire Profile measurement system provides fast and accurate inspections

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The LJ-V Series can perform a wide range of measurements and inspections.

An advanced profile measurement system is available from Keyence Canada. The LJ-V Series measurement system offers a number of advantages, including high speed, high accuracy, a variety of measurement modes, and the capability to create 3D profiles.

Profile measurement basics

A profile measurement system captures the cross-sectional profile of a target. It features a laser light that diffusely reflects off of the target object. By analyzing the changes in position and shape, displacement and defects can be measured.

The profile measurement is taken at the spot where the laser from the sensor head is projected horizontally. In addition, a 3D profile can be created by stitching together different profiles.

Measurement modes

This system can be used to perform dimensional measurements, target inspection and image processing. In fact, the LJ-V has 74 different measurement modes for various dimensional and target inspections. For instance, it can measure width and position, the distance between two points, the height difference between a reference point and a measurement point, and more.

3D profiles can be used to perform high precision measurements, determine volume and relative height, and master profile comparison or appearance inspections for chips and scratches.

LJ-V features

The LJ-V Series differs from other profile measurement systems in that it offers exceptional capabilities, a wide range of measurement target types, excellent stability, and an easy-to-use interface. It also offers the industry’s fastest speeds, as it is capable of sampling at a speed of 64,000 profiles per second.

Setup is also easy with the LJ-V Series, as it takes just three simple steps: select one of the four measurement target types, select the measurement mode, and choose an output method (i.e., a PC or PLC).

Another feature of the LJ-V series is the adoption of a blue laser. It is the world’s first 2D laser displacement sensor to do so. A traditional red laser has a thick beam that creates variation in the profile, while a blue laser has a sharp beam to measure shapes with excellent accuracy.

For more information, visit the Keyence Canada website.


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