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Videographic data loggers are available from Process Heaters.

Process Heaters can supply many types of instrumentation, including temperature and pressure indicators, loggers and controls. The company supplies these products for use in a wide variety of industrial and laboratory applications. The selection includes all types of products, from analog temperature control panels to videographic data loggers. 

Types of instrumentation available 

  • Data loggers with multi-input capability. These units are programmable and offer various methods of displaying data. 
  • Hot runner controls. These include the Bedros unit with the new multi-zone design. Cable sets, fittings and connectors for use with hot runner controls are also available.
  • Pressure indicators. These include digital display panel mount models. Some indicators are capable of showing both pressure and temperature, as well as providing programmable alarms. Process Heaters can also provide pressure and process control units that maintain uniform pressure through a feedback loop.
  • Temperature controls. Many types are available, such as panel mounts, custom designed units, and hand-held guns. For example, Process Heaters supplies infrared guns that enable fast and easy measurement of surface temperatures. In addition, profiling controls are available for programming ramp and soak temperatures at predetermined rates. Other options for temperature controls include either panel mount or subpanel mount, and with or without digital display.
  • Variable power controls. This includes a model with open loop percentage power controls.
  • Thermostats. Many types are available, such as air sensing, bimetallic, cartridge style, surface mount, and bulb and capillary. The selection includes an option to suit every need. For example, bimetallic thermostats are ideal for simple, inexpensive applications, while bulb and capillary models offer a long sensor.

Distributor expertise

Process Heaters is a one-stop source for process heating equipment, controls and sensors used in a wide range of applications. The company serves customers in many diverse industries, including food, textile, rubber, plating, plastics, packaging, electronics, automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical.

For more information, visit the company website.


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