REDwire Process Heaters supplies high density cartridge heaters

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Process Heaters Inc

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A high density cartridge heater.

Process Heaters offers a range of versatile and customizable high density cartridge heaters. The company has more than 50 years of experience assisting customers with a range of industrial and laboratory applications. Thanks to its comprehensive selection and technical expertise, Process Heaters provides solutions for customers in many diverse industries.

High density cartridge heaters

High density cartridge heaters are available with a range of options for many different applications. For example, large specialized cartridge heaters are used for the tightening and loosening of bolts on large equipment. Fittings can be easily incorporated into the design of cartridge heaters, and there are many options for lead orientation, length and protective coverings. These heaters are capable of providing very high temperature leads when using bare wire and ceramic insulators. To provide electrical safety, terminal boxes can be used at the point of power connection.

Additional features available include quick power disconnect, post terminals instead of leadwire, and water and contamination resistant models.

Other cartridge heaters available

In addition to its high density models, Process Heaters carries a selection of other cartridge heaters, including: 

  • low density versions; 
  • heaters available in metric diameters;
  • pennybottom cartridge heaters with a copper end disk and a thermocouple; and 
  • immersion heaters with high watt density. 

Process Heaters’ expertise

Process Heaters is a specialist in process heating equipment, sensors for temperature and pressure, and electronic temperature controls. The company prides itself on developing long-term relationships with clients. To that end, it provides fast response, application assistance, and world-class products. 

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Process Heaters Inc

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