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Process Heaters now carries fluidized temperature baths from Accurate Thermal Systems.

Process Heaters has made a new addition to its product offering for part cleaning, heat treating and testing: fluidized temperature baths. The Toronto-based supplier recently became the Canadian representative for Accurate Thermal Systems, an experienced manufacturer of laboratory and industrial temperature products. Among its offerings are fluidized temperature baths, which excel in cleaning applications, particularly in the plastics industry, where stable and uniform temperature is required. 


Fluidized temperature baths offer a fast, easy and safe way to clean metal parts. This thermal cleaning process is capable of removing all types of materials, including paint, plastic, rubber, resin, epoxy, varnish, adhesives and insulation. In addition, fluidized temperature baths from Accurate Thermal Systems can clean away hydrocarbon-based products such as coatings and lubricants, as well as halogenated compounds like PVC and PTFE.

The cleaning process removes these materials from every nook and cranny of metal parts, including filled orifices and openings as small as 0.020 inches. In addition to cleaning, fluidized temperature baths are used for heat treatment processes, including annealing, tempering and shape setting. They can also be used for the calibration and testing of sensors, coils, vessels and more. 

Process benefits

Thermal cleaning performed by fluidized temperature baths usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes. This is much faster and more energy efficient than other cleaning methods such as ovens, as they require processing times of three to four hours. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for applications such as plastic extrusion and injection moulding, because it minimizes down time for line change outs and maintenance.

Compared to the labour intensive processes of torching, blasting or hand tool cleaning, fluidized temperature baths do not require assistance from operators. Instead, the part can simply be placed in the bath, allowing workers to focus on other duties. In addition, fluidized temperature baths are safer than other options because there are no hazardous chemicals involved.

More details

The Accurate Thermal Systems website provides product videos that offer more details, including demonstrations of how the temperature baths operate. In addition, the company will clean one piece of tooling for a serious customer, at no charge, to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system.

For more information on solutions available from Process Heaters, visit the company website.


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