REDwire Process Heaters offers heaters for a wide range of industrial and laboratory uses

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Process Heaters offers a wide range of heaters, controls and sensors.

Just as the company name suggests, Process Heaters is the go-to source when it comes to process heating equipment. The company has more than 50 years of comprehensive experience with manufacturing and laboratory applications, and can offer everything from part replacement to the design and installation of complete systems. It offers a wide range of heaters, controls and sensors. The selection of heaters alone includes circulation heaters, immersion heaters, heated hoses and more.

Selection of process heaters

  • Circulation heaters consist of a heater in its own vessel. They can be used to heat fluids in applications where substantial pressure is involved.
  • Drum heaters are designed to fit around a standard 45- or 55-gallon drum and heat the contents.
  • Duct heaters can be installed in an air duct to heat the airstream.
  • Enclosure heaters are used in electrical enclosures to protect against freezing or condensation.
  • Flanged immersion heaters are easy to install using the mounting flanges.
  • Heated hoses, offered in a range of sizes, are used to keep liquids warm.
  • Inline air heaters are used for localized hot air.
  • Open coil duct heaters can handle high temperatures at an affordable price.
  • Over-the-side heaters are used for tanks with open tops.
  • Screwplug immersion heaters include standard NPT sizes, and models with built-in control enclosures.

The Process Heaters advantage

As a specialist in process heating equipment, Process Heaters offers a high level of technical expertise. The company can draw on this knowledge when providing application assistance, design services, troubleshooting and more. 

For more information, visit the Process Heaters website.


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