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Transparent furnaces are among Process Heaters' offerings.

Process Heaters can provide a wide variety of furnaces. The company offers many different configurations and can provide custom manufacturing services to meet any furnace requirement.

Furnace selection

The types of furnaces that Process Heaters often supplies include:

  • ovens for medium temperature applications such as curing, drying and warming;
  • solid tube furnaces that are ideal for applications that require uniform temperatures; and
  • split tube furnaces with hinged construction for ease of access.

Many other furnace configurations are available from Process Heaters such as box, rotary hearth and car bottom. The maximum temperatures on Process Heaters’ furnaces range as high as 1,700 degrees C.

Custom furnaces

The company also has experience making a wide variety of custom furnaces. For example, it offers contemporary kilns with automatic cooling capabilities. These kilns feature integrated ventilation systems that provide fresh, filtered air to the kiln chamber. The fresh air expedites the cooling process and reduces process cycle time.

Process Heaters has also made vertical Bridgeman crystal growing furnace systems, which are compact and completely self-contained. The furnace features a heavy-duty translation drive; viewing windows to monitor furnace operation; and lightweight, low mass ceramic fibre insulation. A geared stepper motor is used to control furnace translation. This allows infinite speed control. 

Another example of the custom furnaces Process Heaters produces is trans temp tube furnaces. The transparent design allows viewing of objects inside the furnace. For insulation, the furnace uses a gold mirror. 

In addition to the company’s custom manufacturing services, Process Heaters can supply free-standing, high temperature elements for customers who wish to make their own furnace.

Manufacturer’s expertise

Process Heaters offers a broad range of products and services for industrial process heating and control. The company’s offerings range from control panels and instrumentation, to temperature sensors and pressure transducers. 

For more information, visit the Process Heaters website.


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