REDwire Process Heaters offers equipment for high temperature and corrosion-resistant requirements

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High temperature heaters are available from Process Heaters.

Process Heaters is known for providing world-class products, and its selection of industrial heaters is no exception. The company offers a wide range of heaters, including band, cast-in, strip, tubular and flexible models, among others. In fact, Process Heaters even has a number of options for applications that require exceptionally high temperatures or corrosion resistance. 

High temperature heaters

The company’s lineup of high temperature heaters includes:

  • Cast plate heaters, available in any size; 
  • Fibrecraft vacuum formed ceramic fibre heaters, available in flat plate, cylindrical and semi-cylindrical types, with temperature ranges up to 1200 degrees C (2192 degrees F). These heaters have the heating element and insulation together in one complete unit;
  • Ceramic refractory heaters, available in flat plate or semi-cylindrical types. They offer temperatures up to 1204 degrees C (2200 degrees F). These high temperature ceramic heaters can be customized to suit the application;
  • Molybdenum disilicide heaters, with temperature ranges up to 1900 degrees C (3452 degrees F);
  • Platinum and molybdenum ceramic heaters capable of heating to 1600 degrees C (2912 degrees F);
  • Silicon carbide heaters for temperatures up to 1550 degrees C (2822 degrees F); and
  • Ribbon-type and rod overbend heaters that offer varying temperature capabilities depending on the material.

Corrosion-resistant heaters

The company’s lineup of corrosion-resistant heaters includes:

  • Fluoropolymer-sleeved immersion heaters that will stand up to aggressive liquids;
  • Quartz sheaths that enable the heater to be replaced while using the same sheath; and
  • OTS (over-the-side) L-shaped heaters with metal sheathing that will resist chemical attack.

Company expertise

In addition to heaters, the company offers a wide range of controls, sensors and more. Process Heaters has experience serving customers ranging from “mom and pop” shops to multinational corporations in industries such as food, plating, rubber, textile, electronics and aerospace. 

For more information, visit the company website.


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