REDwire Process Heaters carries accessories for process heating needs

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Process Heaters offers a range of accessories, including wire, connectors, sleeving and tape.

Process Heaters can supply a range of accessories for process heating applications. The company offers everything from high temperature wire, connectors and sleeving to insulations and thermostats.

Accessory selection

Process Heaters supplies wire in a wide range of gauges and temperature ratings. The selection includes insulated and non-insulated types, as well as multi-conductor, thermocouple grade, and high temperature varieties. Wire is available with temperature ratings up to 450 degrees C.

In addition to wires, the company can supply wire connectors. The many types available include crimp fittings, ceramic terminal blocks, ceramic twist lock fittings, rotary power connectors, European style connectors and more. All of these wire connectors are rated for high temperatures.

Process Heaters also offers wire sleeving that protects against abrasion, adds mechanical strength and can handle multiple wires. There are several types, including fibreglass, stainless steel overbraid, and silicone rubber coated sleeving. In addition, Teflon and fibreglass high temperature tape is available.

Another accessory the company offers is thermostats for measuring surface temperatures and ambient air, or for insertion into drilled holes. Several types are available, including bimetallic models with fixed setpoints and field adjustable units, or bulb and capillary types for high voltages and current flows. These thermostats can be used for pilot duty in applications where the power is very high. They offer a wide temperature range and have the capability to handle single phase as well as three phase loads.

Lastly, the company can also provide electrical or thermal insulations made to suit the process requirements.

A one-stop source

As a specialist in process heating equipment with more than 50 years of comprehensive experience, Process Heaters offers a one-stop source for everything from part replacement and troubleshooting to the design and implementation of complete systems. For more information, visit the company website.


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