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Process Heaters Inc

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Process Heaters has aligned itself with industry-leading manufacturers, offering first-class equipment to satisfy process heating needs.

Process Heaters has aligned itself with manufacturers who are industry leaders in their respective fields. The Toronto-based company offers first-class equipment from these manufacturers in such product categories as heaters, pressure transducers, furnaces and much more.

“Whatever your process heating needs, we are your one-stop source for designing and implementing complete system designs, troubleshooting and part replacement,” the company says.

Among the company’s product offerings, heaters — band, cable, cartridge, cast-in, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature, process and more — are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes for various purposes. Process Heaters offers heaters that slide into drilled holes or milled grooves, as well as those that can be immersed in aggressive acids and high viscosity liquids, or operate in radioactive environments. They can be made to run on 12 volts DC right through to 600 volts three-phase AC.

Pressure transducers are also part of the company’s lineup. There are transducers for explosive, wet and hot environments. They can measure gauge, sealed, absolute and vacuum pressure. 

A common application for pressure transducers is for measuring the melt pressure in a plastic extruder. They may also be used for many other commercial and industrial applications. Pressure transducers can read extremely low pressures right up to very high pressures in the tens of thousands of PSI. 

Process Heaters also offers a huge range of furnace configurations — box furnace, solid tube furnace, split tube furnace, rotary hearth furnace, car bottom furnace and rotary calcining furnace. Even transparent furnaces are available. Temperatures can go as high as 1,700 degrees C. If a customer wishes to make its own furnace, Process Heaters can supply free-standing, high-temperature elements.

These are just a few of the product categories available from Process Heaters. The company has more than 50 years of comprehensive experience in a wide variety of laboratory and manufacturing applications. To learn more, contact Process Heaters.


Process Heaters Inc

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