REDwire Pretested and moulded cordsets ideal for factory floor applications

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Lapp’s cordsets utilize high-quality cable and integral moulded strain relief.

Backed by nearly 50 years of experience, Lapp Group is a leading provider of cables, cable accessories, cable handling systems, cable harnessing, industrial connectors and communication technology. Its comprehensive lineup includes Ethernet and Fieldbus cordsets ideal for use throughout the factory floor.

Quality cordsets

Lapp’s pretested and moulded cordsets utilize high-quality cable and integral moulded strain relief, and can be used in motion or static systems. Its offering includes:

  • DeviceNet cordsets. These flexing moulded cordsets offer Trunk (thick) and Drop (thin) connectivity in a DeviceNet application, like in a conveyor system, for example. Options include both thick and thin single-ended cordsets, panel-mount receptacles, extension cordsets and panel-mount extension cordsets. Thin, open-style termination cordsets, field-wireable connectors and bus tees are also available.
  • Profibus cordsets. These cordsets are designed to provide interconnection between simple devices, such as sensors and actuators, and high level devices like PLCs and computers. They are particularly suited for high motion applications and, when continuous flexing is not required, they offer long-lasting, reliable performance. Options include M12 single-ended cordsets, extension cordsets and panel-mount receptacle cordsets. D-Sub Y-Cordsets, D-Sub Cordsets, Profibus M12 field-wireable, Profibus tees and Profibus termination resistors are also available.
  • Ethernet. Lapp’s continuous flex CAT5 cable offers a unique solution to satisfy the demanding needs of motion systems, where a network connection has been integrated for program interface from remote locations. The options include single-ended cordsets, extension cordsets and field-wireable connectors.

A leading manufacturer

Lapp develops, manufactures and sells more than 40,000 products across the globe, and is well-positioned to meet its customers’ needs, regardless of where they are located. In Canada, the company has a corporate office in Mississauga, Ont., and support from coast to coast.

To learn more about the company’s lineup of cordsets, contact Lapp Canada.


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