REDwire When the pressure pipe gets tough, the tough get Cycle Tough™ IPS piping systems

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Pressure pipes such as CycleTough™ assist in the effective maintenance and transport of wastewater within sewage treatment systems.

While thinking about wastewater probably isn’t at the forefront of your mind, workers employed in the water treatment industry are thinking about our health and safety.

Beyond removing trash or recycling discarded items, people in the sanitation industry strive to maintain high hygienic standards and practices, which also includes the effective management of wastewater within sewage treatment systems using pressure pipes.

Adopting a safe and consistent best practice of proper transport of wastewater, to ensure citizen and public health are not jeopardized, the sanitation industry depends on municipal wastewater piping solutions designed to eliminate risk of cross-contamination.

Enter CycleTough™, an IPEX Management IPS piping solution designed mainly for irrigation systems and sewer force mains, which are pressurized conveyors of wastewater and sewage.

IPS (or iron pipe size) systems offer sophisticated pipe construction with specially engineered fitting and a continual cyclic surging to deliver consistent, superior performance for demanding applications.

Hang tough with CycleTough™ as the perfect piping solution to deliver the best result because of the following benefits.  

Extended service life

CycleTough™ plastic pipes range from 40mm to 600mm in size with injection molded fittings varying from 40mm to 200mm, which include fittings with engineered compounds that promote a longer service life of up to 25%.

Another bonus is the inclusion of Finite Element Analysis technology (known in the piping industry as FEA) inside the engineering of this IPS pipe solution: an age-defying element of CycleTough™ that boosts its long-lasting, problem-free performance.

CycleTough™ gets the CSA B137.3 stamp of approval

Third-party certification validates the reliability of our unique IPS piping, verifying the system meets or exceeds applicable industrial standards.

Innovative and unique design

Fittings are specifically engineered to withstand rough and tough irrigation and force main applications. Additional reinforced materials are added to these specialized plastic pipes to optimize its dependability and versatility.

Plus, our patented and uniquely constructed removable gasket system and bottle-tight joints endures the test of pressure piping time. The ability to tolerate full vacuum pressures while also allowing special oil-resistant gaskets to be installed is a big advantage when working within contaminated soils.

Top marks in impact and strength

PVC pipe systems such as CycleTough™ carry a 2:1 safety factor for long-haul pressure applications and an impressive 3.2:1 ration for temporary surges that occur over 600 psi.


Ipex Management Inc.

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