REDwire Pressure blowers are ideal for many applications

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Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

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Pressure blowers from NISCO feature strong and durable construction.

The pressure blowers available from Northern Industrial Supply Company (NISCO) are used in many diverse industries, and for a variety of applications within those industries. Just some examples include marine, mining, foundry, automotive, agriculture, snow making, pulp and paper, water treatment, power generation, hazardous locations, and paint spray booths.

Blowers from NISCO offer the features that industrial applications require: durable construction, integral inlet boxes, pre-spin inlet dampers, opposed blade outlet dampers, and split housings to avoid disturbing the connecting ductwork.


There are several types of pressure blowers commonly used in the agriculture industry. Panel fans are often used for raw vegetable storage, while mixed flow and vane axial fans are used for grain drying and conditioning. Plenum fans are used for low-temperature storage of packaged products, while high pressure fans are ideal for such applications as flash freezing, sugar beet preservation, grain bin aeration and feed mill pneumatic grain conveying.


Pressure blowers are also used in various applications within the automotive industry. They are used for processing applications, oven exhaust, general roof ventilators, man coolers, and spray booth exhaust. In these applications, the pressure blowers ensure reliability and easy maintenance.


High pressure blowers also play a critical role in the mining industry. Proper ventilation is essential to ensuring the safety of miners. Typically, blowers ranging from 72 to 144 inches in diameter are used for this important job. They are capable of producing air flow rates between 90,000 and 350,000 CFM. In addition to ventilation, these provide pressurization in mine shafts and help with dust control.


Foundries rely on pressure blowers to eliminate fumes, remove smoke, collect dust, cool moulds, and produce makeup air. These fans can run in one direction for smoke, heat and fume removal, and can then be reversed to supply more air or cool the mould.

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NISCO can provide pressure blowers in a range of types and sizes. For more information, visit the NISCO website.


Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

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