REDwire Under pressure: A look at applications for pressure, vacuum and leak-testing systems

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Pressure, vacuum and leak-testing systems for high-pressure applications are some of the products offered by Mississauga, Ont.-based Wainbee.

Pressure and leak testing are a must for manufacturers who want to produce quality products.

Pressure, vacuum and leak-testing systems for high-pressure applications are, in fact, some of the products offered by Mississauga, Ont.-based Wainbee, one of Canada's leading providers of technical and supply chain solutions for automation and control.

“Our engineers and technologists have designed innovative pressure testing solutions for customers in many industries. Their ability to combine experience and knowledge in hydraulics, pneumatics and vacuum with that in electronic controls allows Wainbee to design and build ‘smart’ testing systems that reduce operator training times and procedural errors,” the company says. 

Wainbee’s customers are in industries ranging from aerospace and automotive, to oil and gas, life sciences, plumbing fixtures and chemical manufacturing. Pressure and leak-testing applications the company has handled include: hydrotest blowout preventers; hydrotest valves to American Petroleum Industry standards using either water or nitrogen; leak test piping using helium and nitrogen; testing all types of iron used under pressure in the oil industry; pressure, leak and functional testing of aircraft hydraulic systems; pressure testing aircraft fuselages; pressure testing aircraft hydraulic valves and other components; pressure testing hose and hose assemblies; leak testing fuel tanks for automobiles, trucks and mobile equipment; and pressure and leak testing plumbing pipe, tubing and fixtures. High-pressure, non-testing applications include: methanol/chemical injection; down hole tool actuation; operation of emergency shut-down devices; and supply of barrier gas in dry seal systems on process pumps.

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