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Rotem carries Sylvac professional micrometers, with built-in Bluetooth for easy data collection.

When the application calls for the precise measurement of fine dimensions, micrometers are the ideal choice. Widely used for mechanical engineering, these instruments feature two scales — a primary and secondary scale — enhancing their ability to provide precise measurement. But in order to get the most reliable results, there are certain factors to keep in mind.

Choose the appropriate instrument

Micrometers are available in both metric and imperial variations, measuring in increments of 0.01 millimetres and 0.001 inches, respectively. Though there are other types of measuring devices like dial and vernier calipers, micrometers are far more accurate, according to Rotem Industrial Products, a leading provider of industrial measuring equipment.

The are many types of micrometers, including outside, inside and depth varieties, so it’s important to understand what type of measurement you require before selecting the tool. Outside micrometers, for example, are used to measure the outside dimension and diameters of objects. Inside micrometers, on the other hand, are used when the inside dimension and diameter of an object is required. Meanwhile, depth micrometers are used when the object’s depth needs to be measured.

Take care of the instrument

Once the appropriate instrument is selected, it’s important to take care of it. Keep the unit clean by wiping the spindle’s circumference and the measuring faces on both sides regularly using a lint-free fabric. In addition, be sure not to drop the device. If it is dropped or damaged, it needs to be recalibrated to ensure accuracy at all times. If the measuring device has been kept in storage, use a small amount of oil and wipe down the exterior with the help of a lint-free fabric to inhibit corrosion and rust.

The ideal source

Rotem Industrial Products carries industrial measuring equipment from top manufacturers. Sylvac professional micrometers, with built-in Bluetooth for easy data collection, are part of its lineup.

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