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A wide variety of safety signs are available to warn workers of potential hazards.

Gould Fasteners can supply a wide range of industrial safety products from Panduit, including cable ties and wire markers. The comprehensive product selection includes practical solutions to the 10 most frequent OSHA safety violations.

Solutions to the most common violations

The 10 most frequently cited standards by Federal OSHA in the 2015 fiscal year, and the Panduit products designed to prevent them, include:

  • Fall protection: Safety signs are available to notify workers they are entering an area where fall protection is required.
  • Hazard communication: Pictogram labels are available. They are used to identify chemical hazards and comply with the Globally Harmonized System. They can be supplied in adhesive coated paper and adhesive-poly sheet types.
  • Scaffolding: Safety tags are available to provide simple safety notifications that increase jobsite safety. They include status tags for scaffolds to inform workers if the scaffold is safe to use and whether fall protection is required.
  • Respiratory protection: Freestanding signs provide warning in areas where dangerous gases may be present. These signs are ideal for identifying temporary hazardous conditions, as they are easy to set up anywhere and they fold flat for convenient transport and storage.
  • Lockout/tagout: Lockout/tagout solutions are available to prevent accidental startup. Simply shutting down or disconnecting equipment is not enough because accidental startups can cause serious injury or death. These products will make equipment inoperable to keep workers safe during machine repairs, servicing, maintenance or setup.
  • Powered industrial trucks: Floor signs and hard hat labels are available to help avoid accidents involving forklifts.
  • Ladders: Safety signs are available for raising awareness about ladder safety, such as signs to warn of damaged or unsafe ladders and whether they are to be destroyed or repaired.
  • Electrical wiring methods: Cable ties and wire markers are available that will help workers be aware of electrical hazards.
  • Machine guarding: Safety signs and labels are available that warn employees when machine guards are required.
  • Electrical – general requirements: Identification products such as safety signs and voltage markers are available to create a safer and more compliant workplace.

More information

Gould Fasteners is an authorized distributor for Panduit products. In addition to industrial safety solutions, a wide variety of wiring and communications products are available. 

For more information, visit the company’s website.


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