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HBM's GEN5i integrates a PC and a data acquisition and transient recording system into one instrument.

The GEN5i is the future of data acquisition technology. From HBM and available through Durham Instruments, the device integrates a high-end PC and a state-of-the-art data acquisition and transient recording system into a single, portable instrument. 

Some measurement tasks generate comprehensive data series. Fast data storage rates and high memory capacities are essential for acquiring and continually recording measurement values over a long period of time. With a data transmission rate of 28 MS/s to the hard disk and an HD memory capacity of 1,200 GB in RAID 0 (striping mode), the GEN5i is a powerful data recorder. Its dual core processor, in combination with four GB of RAM and a RAID-0 hard disk, offers the performance needed to complete even the most demanding tasks on time. Full connectivity ensures easy data backup or transfer from the office, lab or factory. And since it is built on standard PC technology, future updates and upgrades will be easy.

The device features flexibility and performance — right out of the box. Both transient memory recording as well as direct to disk streaming is possible, even at the same time. It comes with a selection of input amplifiers serving the most demanding needs, and a “user mode” selection, which tailors the user interface to the task you have to do. 

The heart of each DAQ system is its software. Microsoft´s operating system Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit is the Enterprise class software base of the GEN5i. It is able to address more memory, larger hard disks and more peripherals than any other operating system, and includes server-type stability, security and safety features built in. The device’s Perception Enterprise 64-bit DAQ software covers acquisition, analysis and report.

Additional features of the GEN5i include:

  • Up to 40 input channels;
  • Mix and match up to five input modules;
  • Wide range of signal conditioners for isolated DC, strain gauges, sensors, accelerometers and more;
  • Sample rates from 200 kS/s to 100 MS/s per channel; 
  • Direct to disk streaming rate of 56 MB/s aggregate; 
  • High-speed transient recording with up to nine GB memory; and 
  • Unique “dual-rate” recording modes. 

For more details on HBM’s GEN5i device, contact Durham Instruments


Durham Instruments

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