REDwire Powder coating package makes coating and cleaning fast, easy and efficient

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The E-Series makes powder coating fast and simple.

Exel North America can supply the Sames E-Series powder coating package. Complete with a handgun, powder pump, controller and cart, this system is designed to make the coating process easy and efficient.


The E-Series features a handgun that is simple to use, so new operators can quickly get the hang of it. It provides superb penetrating capability and exceptional first pass efficiency, thanks to its optimized electrostatic charge. The gun also offers fast and easy cleaning, as it uses quick-disconnect fittings for the cables and powder hose. In addition, the handgun is ergonomic and lightweight at just 495 grams (1.1 lbs).

Powder pump

The powder pumps in E-Series systems are simple and reliable. These venturi pumps feature few moving parts and exceptional wear resistance. Another feature is easy cleaning. All the user has to do is release the clipped venturi pump, pull out the pickup tube and blow clean. The pumps are also capable of feeding two guns at once from a single box.


The E-Series utilizes the Total Energy Control system (TEC). The system limits the current automatically in relation to the target distance. This ensures the best electrostatic efficiency at all times, regardless of any external circumstances. 

The E-Series comes with two pre-arranged settings: TEC 1 and TEC 2. Switching between the two settings can be done at the flip of a switch. TEC 1 is suitable for most applications and most powders on the market. It adjusts the voltage to 85kV and the current to 50 micro amps. This offers an exceptional finish, even for thick coats, and allows perfect re-coating. On the other hand, TEC 2 is ideal for spraying difficult powders such as metallics. It adjusts the max current up to 100 micro amps. This setting offers exceptional wrap and is also useful for penetration into hollow recesses.

More information

Exel North America can also supply hopper feeds and box feeds individually. For more information, visit the company website.



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