REDwire Portable oil test sets from Megger help keep oil-filled electrical equipment working

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Portable oil test sets from Megger make it easy to monitor oil quality anywhere.

Megger offers portable test sets for accurate testing of insulating liquids. These test sets, which feature a lightweight, rugged design, can be used to perform breakdown voltage tests on mineral, ester and silicon insulating liquids.


Oil quality plays an essential role in the operation of oil-filled electrical equipment, and these test sets make it easy to monitor and maintain oil quality in the field. A breakdown voltage test takes measure of the oil's ability to withstand electric stress. If the test results show a low breakdown voltage, it may indicate the presence of contaminants.

Test set features

The test set uses moulded test vessels with lockable adjustment of the electrode gap setting, ensuring high precision. The set also features a transparent lid that allows users to see what is happening in the test chamber. To ensure user safety, the lid incorporates a screen as protection, and electrical shielding with multiple links to instrument ground.

These test sets have an intuitive user interface, and a QVGA backlit colour display that is visible outdoors. The units come preloaded with international test standards, and new versions can be easily uploaded via USB flash drive.

Portable oil test sets from Megger are the lightest on the market. Depending on the model and configuration, they range from 16 to 23.5 kilograms. Optional carry bag and transport case are available. In addition, the test sets come in 60- and 80-kV varieties. 

One safety feature is the test set's independent and dual redundant high voltage cut-off circuitry. If the operator presses any button on the keyboard during a test, the high voltage is immediately removed and the test is aborted.

Many options are also available, including a motorized lid impeller and an internal printer to provide a hard copy of results. 

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