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Chevrier Instruments carries hand-held light meters from KIMO Canada.

Chevrier Instruments is proud to carry hand-held light meters from KIMO Canada. These self-contained and automatic meters are specially designed to offer reliable illuminance measurement.

The LX 100 Luxmeter

Kimo’s LX 100 hand-held luxmeter provides illuminance measurement in lux or in foot-candelas for illuminance levels below 10 lux. It also offers reliability, with 0.1 lux calculation accuracy, and one per cent accuracy beyond 150,000 lux.

The LX 100 offers both instantaneous and timed measurement. It has the capability to instantly display illuminance for local measurements, yet also enables illuminance min/max values and illuminance averaged value calculation for timed measurement.

The unit features a relative illuminance function that allows a relative measurement to a reference point for the quantification of a luminous contribution or an illuminance decrease. It also features a hold function, which enables the user to avoid illuminance noise and save on-screen local measurement, even when an unexpected power cut occurs.

The LX 200 Luxmeter

This luxmeter allows storage of datasets for processing on a computer via the LLX200 software, which is included with the meter. The unit can instantly display min/max values, and also enables a relative measurement to a reference point to quantify a light input or an illuminance decrease.

Another key feature of the LX 200 is its ability to handle the evolution of illuminance according to weather conditions. It can store temporal evolution of illuminance for the followup of environment conditions. The unit also offers coloured representation of different levels when printing is required for a report.

The LX 200 has the capability to calculate the minimum or average ratio for determination of illuminance uniformity at workstations according to critical lighting standards, including the NF EN 12464-1 Lighting of workplaces (inside) standard, the NF EN 12464-2 Lighting of workplaces (outside) standard, and the NF EN 12193 Lighting of sports facilities standard.

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