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HBM puts data in the user’s hands with its GEN3i portable data recorder.

HBM puts data in the user’s hands with its GEN3i portable data recorder. The versatile system provides access to all data handling functions with a single touch of the large, intuitive touchscreen. 

Users can start measuring data immediately, thanks to the recorder’s many features:

  • Easy to use. To begin recording, just press the “start” button. To end recording, press “stop”. It’s as easy as that, the company says.
  • Zoom capability. When users want to more closely scrutinize a specific section of recorded data, the GEN3i gives them the capability to mark an area of interest with their finger on the touchscreen to zoom in.
  • Sift through data. Users can sift through data to find areas of interest by just touching the trace and dragging it in any direction they want to go.
  • Browse capability. To review multiple datasets, the necessary recording controls — Start/Stop and Next/Previous — are easily accessible. Users can also play back data at multiple speeds in forward or reverse modes.
  • Storage options. Depending on the selected acquisition mode — continuous recording or triggered sweeps — data is either stored on disk directly or first buffered in high-speed RAM to offer transient recorder speed without any throughput limitations. 
  • Many input choices. Users can select the input module that fits their specific application from a choice of 21 modules. The system can hold one to three acquisition boards. Besides the basic isolated voltage inputs up to one kV, GEN3i can also be equipped with isolated strain gauge, accelerometer signal conditioners or ultra high-speed transient modules offering up to 100 MS/s.
  • Leading technology. The hardware combines a full-featured, low-power, Intel Core i5 third generation Windows PC with a large, high-resolution, touchscreen and a robust three-slot acquisition unit. 
  • Versatile. The GEN3i comes with five different Windows languages and eight different Perception languages pre-installed. It excels in the field as well as in the laboratory, and features a unique instrument panel touch interface, with one-touch access to the features that will be used daily.

The GEN3i portable data recorder is available in Canada from Pickering, Ont.-based Durham Instruments, a distributor of high-quality electronic instrumentation and data acquisition and control systems across Canada. To learn more, contact Durham Instruments


Durham Instruments

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