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Harting’s Han-Modular Twin is now available with angular housing.

Harting is pleased to announce that its trusted Han-Modular Twin connector is now available with angular housing. This latest enhancement provides users with a particularly compact and customizable connector solution that’s ideal for applications like motor connection.

The benefits of an angular design

The Han-Modular Twin has the appearance of a small format IP65 connector. Fitted at a right angle to the motor, the 39- by 44-millimetre angular housing takes the place of the terminal box, making for a very user-friendly connection. The hood comes in two parts — an upper part with the cable inlet and the carrier housing underneath. This design feature makes it easier to fit the inserts into the hood. In addition, the cable can be fitted faster and more securely. This design is suited well for motor connection, particularly for larger motors up to 70 amps.

About the connector

Harting’s Han-Modular Twin is designed to hold two modules from the extensive Han-Modular lineup. It can be configured as a power-only connector, or as a hybrid with a power insert and either a signal or data insert. A hybrid configuration makes an excellent connection option for servo motors in combination with two circular connectors. Such a hybrid might include a power module and a second module for 25 signal or data contacts.

In servo motor connection, the plug-and-play Han-Modular Twin makes motor changes quicker when there is a faulty drive, which can minimize production downtime.

About Harting

The Harting Technology Group is known for its large portfolio of rugged and reliable connectivity solutions. The family owned, Germany-based operation employs more than 4,000 people globally, with subsidiaries and branch offices in 40 countries, including one in Dorval, Que.

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