REDwire POP rivets are available in many different types

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POP rivets and tools are well-known and trusted in the fastener industry.

Gould Fasteners can supply products from POP, the original blind rivet manufacturer. These fasteners are easy to install, as they only require access to one side of the assembly. POP rivets and tools are renowned in industry, and many different types are available.

POP blind rivet selection

  • Closed end rivets are an exclusive POP design. They incorporate a cup-shaped end that provides a tight seal against vapour or liquid. This design also offers up to 23 per cent greater tensile strength than open-end rivets.
  • Open-end rivets are hollow blind rivets that are pre-assembled onto a pin or mandrel. They resemble conventional tubular rivets when set. However, in contrast to tubular rivets, the mandrel head is retained within the rivet body.
  • Easy-entry rivets feature an innovative "cone head" mandrel point. This enables them to line up multiple sheets of material with misaligned or irregular-shaped holes. As a result, they offer significantly reduced assembly time.
  • Grip Tite rivets have excellent mandrel retention and an impressive expanded footprint on the blind side. That means these steel domed-head rivets offer excellent vibration resistance and waterproof seals.
  • High retention rivets are perfect for metal and plastic-to-metal assemblies. They have a unique rib design that allows for larger primary holes in plastic and thin materials, while preventing deformation or stress fractures.
  • Load spreading rivets are specially designed for plastics and brittle or soft materials. They have a secondary head that will form large "folds" to spread clamping loads over a wider area. This larger bearing surface will resist the pull-through or cracking that standard rivets can cause in some materials.

Additional types of rivets available include high-strength, micro, multi-grip, soft-set and more. POP also offers washers and mushroom plugs, as well as hand tools, power tools and assembly systems.

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